3-Templates and 7-Tips

The essential element of a winning defense is presenting your argument in a framework that leads the judge to one conclusion...Not guilty. However, many of the defense statements I've read are doomed from the start because:

  • The statement is not certified
  • The proofs are not certified
  • The defense is confusing
  • The argument is incoherent and rude
  • And more...

During the past 6-months, I have fought 100's of parking tickets and my winning percentage is 79.6 percent (the usual winning percentage is between 30-40 percent). The main reason I am winning consistently is because of the framework in which I present my argument. I want to share my winning template(s) with you.

This money-saving, ticket-beating bundle includes:

  • A blank template you can use to fight any parking ticket with all the language you need to certify your testimony and exhibits
  • The exact defense certification I use to beat a misdescribed place of occurrence
  • The exact defense certification I use to beat an expired registration ticket

How will you feel when your parking ticket is dismissed? Don't delay, begin your savings today.

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